Pranit & Komal

That Old School Love

There are very few stories in life that end up being epic sagas of pure, unadulterated love that last forever. Komal and Pranit Jain first met in school in seventh grade. Little did they know at the time that they would end up being married one day! They are both each other's first love and once they got together, everything started making sense.

They have had all their firsts with each other, never remotely interested in anyone else. As sports captains of different houses, they both were very competitive at first. They started by playing basketball against each other and had to converse in school due to their posts. Pranit and Komal coincidentally had the same surname - Jain..

At first, their friends used to tease them a lot and make fun of them by pairing them and maybe that’s where they got the idea at first that maybe they could be together..