Pooja & Lucky

I never believed in love at first sight until I met you. This happened ( three months ago ). It was a normal ( saturday ) evening until Pooja walked down the steps of my shop. By the time she left my shop I had fallen for her. Her beautiful brown hair with curl locks and her sweet smile was stuck in my heart. I regretted the fact that I ddid not take her number. I was sad because I was not able to express what I felt for her. But by God's grace she visited my shop again. And as time passed she became a regular customer. It was so beautiful until the day I came to know that Pooja was my best friend's sister. I was scared whether my love for Pooja would be accepted by my best friend, Dinesh. So I was never able to propose to her.

I also never believed marriages are written in heaven. But the next thing I am about to tell you changed my mind once again. When me and Pooja knew we were made for each other, Pooja decided to speak to her brother about us. And would you believe it ? her brother who was my best friend was already thinking about our marriage. He agreed. That is when I knew our marriage was written in Heaven. And no force can stop us from becoming one. You complete me Pooja, Thank you for coming to my life, I promise to take care of you as long as am alive.

Wedding Ceremony - Lariya Resort, Jodhpur

MUA - Classic make-up studio - Kunjal Rawal

Directed by - Vijay singh

DOP - Rajendra Singh