From school buddies to life buddies

This is a story of school buddies turning into buddies for life.

They were In the same school from class 1 till 12, Pranit being in section C, while Komal being in section B; not knowing what life had planned for them.

One common interest brought them together, BASKETBALL. With a mini rivalry between them because of the game, these two played together for several years , district, state levels...

Suddenly, 10th ended and classes got shuffled as science and commerce.. Many of his friends became hers and hers became his.. And there was a huge drift when these two became sports captions together for two different houses. Then the story began.. Slowly and steadily, students training together, matches together, classes together, sports championship together.. Little did they know they were turning into FRIENDS.. And suddenly he was her best friend.. Then drifting towards each other never had to end, same classes to after classes.. they started talk to each other way too much then they themselves expected.. From calling her being in roaming (it was a big deal those days) to texting him back was all they did. He took utmost care of her in the simplest things like following her car home to ensure she reached safely, visiting her classes after she was done with her classes.

It was month of Feb 2011, she went to Rajasthan for some function for a few days, and he (after ensuring about her liking towards him) had planned to propose her on 14th.. and unfortunately she wasn't in town.. But that day, evening, he was saying things which made her feel that he liked her, giving her cute Nick names, to telling her that he sees her everywhere.. Finally, she reached vapi, and on 15th Feb, 2011 at 11.19pm a text popped on her screen "kk! Do you luv me?" She went blank and replied, "what?". To which he said "what what? I said I love you, do you love me? " She blushed, he finally expressed, both kept phones aside, none of the two slept..

The next day in school, he was going to see her after a long time, she entered, late as always, into the assembly ground, her eyes searching for his, finally finding him already starring her.. She was too shy to talk to him the whole day, but he couldn't wait to talk to her and get an answer. Finally they met half an hr before the practice on the court with their respective friends, Khush and Neku. They were too shy to talk, they stood in front of each other, yet spoke to each other via text msgs. Finally she said that yes, she loves him.

She made him study, he cleared her maths doubts. Together, studying, playing and masti; time passed and one of the best part of their life, school ended.

No lovestory is complete without hurdles. They both headed to Mumbai and continued with their respective education.. and after his bachelors, he decided to pursue his education abroad and distance between them from being in same cities changed to different contiments..


They both completed their masters..

Time zones changed, Schedules changed but then after a year, he was back, and their wait to meet finally ended.

They celebrated their 8 year anniversary and it was time to make things official. Parents were informed, they talked, discussed, and then finally we decided on forever.. Gud dhana ceremony happened on 22/03/2019, and they posted "Hi fiance/fiancee! In a team for lifetime now!" A new name added to their relationship, fiance/fiancee..

She proposed him to marry her like she Always wanted to; on 5/01/2020. And they are finally getting married on 25/02/2020..


Komal & Pranit

Haldi Ceremony